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Get ready for summer with a waterproof wool picnic blanket

Though it might be hard to believe, summer is on its way, so after a long winter and most of last summer under strict lockdown, the time is finally here to start preparing your great escape.

For many of us this year, that will mean making the most of the great British outdoors with family and hopefully a few friends in groups that will grow over time (fingers crossed).

Whatever you have in mind, picnics are a great way of informally meeting up, whether that's in the countryside or snuggled up around a fire pit in someone's back garden. The difference between a good day out and a great day could be marginal and come down to a little bit of preparation or a piece of kit. For some preparation tips, read our blog (10 tips and ideas to help you plan the perfect picnic). For kit, read on.

Brown herringbone wool picnic blanket


If it's a picnic you're planning, then a good quality picnic blanket should definitely be on your shopping list. As with many outdoor picnic accessories, there is a huge range of prices and quality available. If you want a picnic rug that's going to last more than a couple of seasons (we've had one of ours for more than 10 years) and won't let you down whatever the British weather throws at you, then an Ambunti Warehouse pure new wool picnic blanket with waterproof backing is definitely worth the investment (save 10% with our discount code, available in the pop up @ www.ambuntiwarehouse.com).


Three wool picnic blankets with waterproof backing and leather straps

Our range of picnic blankets comprises several different colours, sizes and patterns. If it's a practical blanket to take on your daily walk or for a picnic date, then our smaller picnic rugs made out of recycled wool (120 X 153 cm) are definitely worth a look.

Recycled wool picnic rug in rustic orange


For larger gatherings with family or friends, then one of our wool picnic blankets with waterproof backing (145 X 183 cm) and a stylish leather carrier is probably more suitable.

1. Emerald Green Wool Picnic Blanket (click here)

Green Wool Picnic Blanket

2. Rainbow Wool Picnic Blanket (click here)

Rainbow Wool Picnic Blanket


3. Brown Herringbone Wool Picnic Blanket (click here)

Brown herringbone wool picnic blanket


For evenings chatting around the fire pit, one of our range of wool blankets should hit the mark. Pure new wool or merino lambswool, our blankets are made in the British Isles to the highest standards. If you aren't put off by getting a damp backside, they also double up as picnic rugs.

Wool blanket around the fire pit


For more quality picnic accessories, it is worth checking out the selection at Palm & Sage, another Berkhamsted based business. They've got a great range of picnic accessories as well as lots of tips and ideas.

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