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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the blanket fit on a bed? Our large blankets are 180cm by 150 cm, not including the fringe, which is approximately 10cm long. This means they are large enough to be laid across a bed, either to add some decorative colour or to provide warmth. They are not bed covers though and will not completely cover a bed. Take a look at some of the product photos to get an idea of the scale.

How thick are the blankets? The blankets are quite thick compared to others on the market. Take a close look at some of the photos in the product descriptions to get a better view.

What happens if I want to return my blanket? Providing you notify us within 14 days of receiving your blanket and return it to us immediately thereafter in a resaleable condition, we will refund you the cost of the blanket. Unfortunately, we are not yet in the position to be able to provide free returns, so you will have to pay for the postage to send the blankets back.

Will the blankets fit on my sofa? The blankets look fantastic on a sofa, either draped over the side or back, or placed over the cushions. To get an idea of scale, take a look at some of the product photos. The white sofa in the picture is a two seater.

Where does the wool in my blankets come from? While our blankets are made in the British Isles, the wool comes from New Zealand. Most UK wool is not soft enough for blankets and is used in other textiles like carpets.

What happens if i need to wash my blanket? All of our wool blankets must be washed with great care to preserve their quality. We recommend washing them on a cool wash followed by line drying. Do not spin dry them, wash them together or apply any heat in the washing or drying process. Simply airing your blankets by hanging them outside is also an effective way of freshening them up.

How to care for my wool blanket? For some tips on how to look after your wool blanket and why wool is such a good material, take a look at our blog.

Where do you ship to? We ship to all mainland UK destinations, Ireland, much of Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. If you are unsure whether we can ship to your location, please don't hesitate get in touch with us, either using the contact form, the telephone number or over social media: Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. We have shipped as far as the Philippines and taken orders from Saudi Arabia.

Anymore questions? If you have any more questions, please get in touch with us either using the contact form or the telephone number