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Grey blankets

Grey wool blanket

Wherever you look, people are using grey. A quick browse of interior design sites or a flick through the Sunday magazine supplements reveals an abundance of grey, but why?

Well, grey’s a neutral colour, which means in small quantities it will fit into a much bolder colour scheme. So grey blankets and throws will work well on that scarlet sofa you bought on a whim a couple of years ago (we really did do this!).

Grey wool blankets and throws will also fit nicely into most neutral colour schemes. So, if you’ve chosen magnolia or beige walls, you won’t go far wrong adding grey or other neutral colour throws to the scheme.

Grey is an excellent colour for accentuating textures in a room, which in turn will help to create warmth, especially if layering textiles together.

Anyone who has been seduced by big bold colours when selecting a colour for the living room wall, will normally have had one of two experiences: regretted it immediately after applying the paint or grown tired of the colour after a couple of seasons, frustrated by how a bold colour can limit the options to refresh and make minor adjustments further down the line.

In our collection, we have two predominantly grey blankets: our beehive grey wool blanket and our grey block check wool blanket. Both are large (150 X 183cm), which in practical terms means they are large enough to cover your entire body when lounging on the sofa or to wrap around you when sitting in an armchair.

Grey wool blanket

On the flip side, if you have a predominantly neutral colour scheme, then why not add a pop of colour using one of our beautiful large wool blankets in cerise, green, duck egg or terracotta, to name but a few colours available. Go on, take a look around our site.

We would love to hear from you if you’ve successfully used a wool throw to finish off your interior colour scheme, or even if you’ve treated your dog to one in its dog basket. Lucky dog:)

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