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How to use green wool throws in your interior

Synonymous with nature, green is used by interior designers to create an aura of calmness and tranquility. Coming in a multitude of shades, green can be used in most rooms, whether that is your living room, a conservatory or even the bathroom.

Green Interior Design Ideas for Blankets and Throws

As a base colour it works well with analogous shades of green, yellow and blues, depending on the tone.

While its complementary colour is red, perhaps not an obvious choice for your living room, green and lilac work extremely well together, as demonstrated by our lilac wool throw.

In an age of seemingly endless neutral colour schemes, green makes a great accent colour that can be added simply by using a throw blanket or scatter cushions. A green wool herringbone or beehive throw can be folded, thrown and draped across sofas, chairs, beds or other items of furniture. Equally, a neutral grey beehive or block check throw will safely go with a green sofa or interior design scheme.

Neutral grey sofa with a green decorative throw

Not only will the colours work, but for a relatively modest investment, your natural fibre wool throw will add an extra dimension of texture and quality to your interior. Soft, luxurious, versatile and long lasting. If you don't like its position, then simply pick it up, refold and try a new position.

If you're keen to try different colour combinations before you buy, why not test out the free Adobe Colour Wheel to find the colour combination that works for your space.



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