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Navy blue living room design ideas

Navy Blue Interior Design Ideas

Blue is a fantastically versatile colour which can be used to create all kinds of effects in a room. It also comes in a wide range of hues and tints, ranging from navy blue to sky blue and turquoise. For this article, we're going to focus on the classic navy blue, one of the darkest shades of blue available in your colour palette.

Soft pink throw on a navy blue sofa

Navy blue is considered to be a traditional, 'cool' colour that creates a calm, clean atmosphere. It is an elegant colour that can be cleverly used to create depth in shapeless or smaller interiors.

If blue's your base colour, then think about using a complementary colours such as orange or saffron to add an accent. Interior designers often reach for scatter cushions to add their accent colours, but wool blankets and throws provide an equally and arguable better way to add a colour accent.

Blue sofa decorated with saffron and orange complementary throws

Blue and white is a classic colour combination that's been used through the ages in various combinations. Think wedgwood pottery or Dutch tiles. The contrast gives an impression of clarity and order. Why do you think the British Royal Navy has used navy blue in its uniforms for hundred's of years. They haven't just been interested in blending in with their background...

Dutch blue and white tiles

If you're searching for an accent colour, navy blue throws are incredibly versatile and work well in many situations, especially on tired looking sofas in need of a little TLC. They are perfect for adding a finishing touch to your design and will serve you for many years and potentially over several iterations of your design ideas.

Not only are you adding a majestic and smart colour, but you are investing in a wool product that brings the look, touch and feel of a quality natural fibre into your home. Something you can be proud of and your guests will be able to feel and admire.

Navy blue herringbone throw on deck chair

If you're looking for some colour ideas, try out more complementary and analogous colour combinations using the Adobe colour wheel (it's free:)).

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