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Stunning Irish linen throws, a sustainable alternative to cotton and other fibres

We’re very excited about our range of linen throws. Not only are they stunning, but they’re also an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. Woven in Ireland from flax grown in Northern Europe, they have significant advantages over cotton and other products.

Linen is a sustainable natural product

Linen typically uses a fraction of the water used in the production of cotton and the treatment process is much less harmful to the environment. The farms where the flax for our throws is grown absorb significant carbon from the atmosphere and the mill where our throws are weaved is powered by renewable wind energy.

A product with a strong heritage

An ancient textile that has been used for many thousands of years, linen is renowned for its ability to cool and retain a level of freshness in hot and humid weather. As an interior throw, designers value linen throws for their texture and ability to add bold and subtle colours to lift an interior.

Ambunti linen throws

The three throws in our collection have been weaved with a fine herringbone pattern and come in either pink, turquoise or Sahara orange. Their large size 2.00 by 1.45 metres, makes them extremely versatile and easy to adapt to any part of your house.

They work a treat adding colour and texture to sofas, beds or even over wicker furniture. During the summer, they make a useful addition to a conservatory, doubling as a useful shawl to wrap over your shoulders and keep off the chill of a British summer evening.

Pink Linen Throw

Turquoise Linen Throw


Sahara Orange Linen Throw

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