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Looking for an alternative to wool - why not try linen?

Throws have become increasingly popular as they provide an effortless way to dress up any living area, adding to its overall aesthetic value. They are known to provide warmth and coziness, making them a must-have during chilly seasons, and can be utilised in various ways, including covering up a worn-out sofa or armchair, accentuating a bedspread or layering over for additional comfort.

While wool-based throws are a popular choice in the market, providing unmatched warmth and bringing a timeless, classic feel to any room, they do have certain aspects that might not sit well with everyone. Linen throws, on the other hand, are becoming more and more popular as a great alternative to wool throws. Here are some reasons why:

1. They are breathable

One of the main advantages of linen throws is how breathable they are. They are made from natural flax fibres, which allow air to circulate through the material, meaning they remain cool to the touch despite the temperature. This is particularly useful during the warmer seasons or in homes with central heating. Wool throws, while providing incredible warmth, can be trapping, making it uncomfortable to use in the warmer months. The breathability of linen throws makes it a versatile option, perfect for a variety of cooler weather conditions.

pink linen throw
2. They are lighter

Linen throws are lighter in weight than wool throws making them more functional and easier to use. They move with you, providing a comfortable and easy-going experience, unlike wool throws that may be too heavy to lay on, particularly on warmer nights. The lighter nature of linen throws also allows for easier storage, especially when not in use.

light orange linen throw

3. They come in a range of colours

Linen throws are available in an array of colours, providing options for those who want to introduce a pop of colour into their living spaces. Wool throws are usually only found in more traditional colours such as greys, creams, and browns. Linen throws bring a touch of modernity and uniqueness to a room, and the variety of colours they come in makes it easier to find a colour that matches the overall decor of the room.

pink and blue linen throw

4. They are easier to clean

Another significant benefit of linen throws is its durability and ease of maintenance. They do not require any special cleaning techniques, making them perfect for everyday use. Linen throws are machine washable, and you can opt to dry them on a low heat setting or air dry them. With proper handling, linen throw will maintain its high-quality look and feel for years to come. Additionally, wool throws can be tricky to wash and maintain, and often require professional cleaning, which can be costly in the long run.

5. They are eco-friendly
flax and linen throw

Linen throws are environmentally friendly as they are made from natural flax fibres. These fibres are biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable compared to wool throws that are animal-derived. This makes linen throws an ethical and eco-friendly option for those who make an effort in environmental conservation.

In summary, while wool throws have their advantages, linen throws also have certain benefits that make them an excellent alternative to wool throws. They come in beautiful colours, are breathable, lighter, easier to maintain, and are environmentally friendly. They provide comfort and style while also being practical, and with the variety of options available, you're sure to find one that matches your taste and decor. So next time you're shopping for a throw, why not give linen throws a chance?

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