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Three wines for the perfect picnic. Keep summer alive!


Three ideal wines for a picnic

Back at work? Summer holiday seems like a distant memory? Well, while the weather’s still holding, why not try out these three wines and keep the summer vibe alive.Ambunti Warehouse’s in-house wine expert and co-founder, Sophie, has put together three recommendations perfect for a late summer picnic.

First up, a red from the south of France:

Chateau La Negly La Cote, Languedoc La Clape (France)

Vines have grown on this rocky outcrop right down to the seashore since the days of Julius Caesar. What makes La Clape unique is the combination of hard limestone scree and an unusually warm maritime climate – ensuring the wines are riper and more luscious than their Languedoc neighbours, but always with amazing freshness. Superb concentration with excellent balance and depth of flavour. Second, from beyond the boot of Italy, a citrus, peach and pear fuelled white.

Cantine Paolini, Grillo Vino Biologico, Sicily (Italy)

Though grapes have grown on the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna since the fifth century BC - Julius Caesar's favourite tipple was said to be the island's white. There's been a lot of excitement around Sicily's red and white wines in recent years with a new breed of producers taking a fresh approach and producing some stunning wines.A cracking wine. Think peach, pear and citrus, sprinkled with honeysuckle and a lovely persistent mineral acidity. Best served with herby salads or roast chicken.

Last up, another white from Spain

Marques de Caceres Deusa Nai Albarino, Rias Baixas (Spain)

Rias Baixas is a beautiful place. You fly in to Santiago de Compostela, then drive south-west through a land of granite, pine forests and eucalyptus trees, where the jagged coastline and numerous rivers mean that water is never far away. Albarino is the main grape grown in this region, bringing a taste of peaches, white grapefruit pith combined with the salty sea air.

If you're planning to squeeze in another couple of picnics before the season comes to an end, you may be interested in having a look at our range of pure new wool blankets and picnic rugs. If not, just stay tuned for Sophie’s next set of wine recommendations – the autumn selection.

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