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About Us

It all started a few years ago when friends gave us two navy blue wool herringbone blankets.

Initially, we thought, great, wool blankets to keep us warm. Oh, and they look pretty good folded up on the sofa as throws. We had recently moved house and were financially stretched, so very grateful for the gift.

James & Sophie founders of Ambunti Warehouse

Now several years on and I don’t think an evening has gone by without one of us reaching for the comfort of our trusty blankets, either while we watch telly or to keep us or our guests cosy while enjoying a summer evening on the decking.

In fact, they have become somewhat indispensable: heading out for a picnic; meeting up with friends for a weekend camping; going out to the local outdoor theatre; quick, grab the blankets. It doesn’t matter how much stuff has already been stuffed in the back of the car, we’ve not yet failed to fit them in. In fact, they do a great job of covering up the mayhem, giving off an aura of tidiness and some semblance of order to anyone peering into the boot.

In their role as sofa throws, the wool adds a layer of colour and much needed style to our living room. Simply folded up and draped across the armrest of our fabric sofa, they are both practical and easy to live with. No mean achievement with two young boys charging around the place.

Inspired by the love for our blankets and the realisation of how integral they had become to our daily life, we decided to set up shop online, hoping to be the source of similar natural wool blankets, throws and picnic rugs to anyone who hasn’t yet had their eyes opened to the wonders of wool.

As part of our business strategy, we have made a commitment to support weavers across the British Isles by sourcing from them and selling to customers located both in the UK, but most importantly in the context of Brexit and increasing global trade volatility, our European and trans-Atlantic neighbours.

Why ‘Ambunti’ warehouse?

Ambunti is an ancient village located on a bend of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea. The place and the people who live there made a deep and lasting impression on one of our founders when he was a lot younger and going through a more adventurous period in his life. Ambunti marked the mid-point on a 1,000 km journey in dug-out canoes that he and a group of his friends, motivated by the heady bluster of youth, had undertaken as students. A journey we thankfully emerged from unscathed and would not have been possible without the unconditional help we received from many people we met along the way.

Dugout canoe on the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea

Twenty-odd years later and we intend to pay some of that goodwill back by sponsoring a sustainable, non-mineral resource related, project in the region. We are still on the lookout for such a project and look forward to keeping our customers up to date with progress on our blog and via social media.

Many thanks for visiting our shop and I hope you found something you like. Stay in touch.

James and Sophie