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Five reasons why wool blankets make the perfect gift

Buying gifts for adults can be like pulling teeth. Whatever you do, don't ask them what they want! Asking normally leads to one of two outcomes: more procrastinising while they go away and think about it, which doesn't help you, or they'll ask for something outrageously expensive and hard to get hold of.

Unlike children who can normally conjure up a huge list of things they desperately need and can't live without in about 30 seconds flat, adults normally buy the stuff they need when they need it. If it's not been bought already, it'll have been consigned to the too expensive list, and you don't want to be offering to buy that as a present:)

So, how do you get out of this perennial problem with minimum fuss, knowing you've found a present that is high quality, useful and it won't matter if they have something similar already?

The answer: British wool blankets. Well, we would say that I hear you say, given we sell wool blankets and throws: however, they really are the perfect present, and this is why:

  1. If looked after properly, a British wool blanket will last an extremely long time, as much as a lifetime, ensuring whomever you buy it for has something to remind them of you.
  2. If they've already got one, there's nearly always room for one more. Wool blankets in the bedroom; at the foot of the bed; as a blanket in the conservatory; in the living room folded up over the end of the sofa; in your favourite armchair, as an emergency blanket in the back of the car; for those cooler evenings camping; summer picnics...the list of uses is almost endless
  3. You don't have to be an interior design expert to get it right. If you know your friend well and understand colours and design, then the world is your oyster - just dive right in and pick the colour and pattern you know they'll love. If it was a little while since you completed your last interior design project or you are a little hazy on colour matching, take a look at our article on using the colour wheel to match colours for a quick refresh. Otherwise, go for something pastel coloured or neutral like grey or petrol blue. These are colours that generally go well with most colour schemes.
  4. Wool throws make a timeless interior accessory or home furnishing. So long as you don't go for something too outlandish, they generally stay in fashion. Think how long herringbone and beehive patterns have been around. In the past few years, there has been a real revival in using clothes and home furnishings in recently. If this is of interest, have a look at the Campaign for Wool's website and activities.
  5. Wool is biodegradable. Yes, we keep mentioning this, but anything that reduces our long-term impact on the planet and avoids us using synthetic and non-biodegradable fabrics and materials has got to be good. If you want to find out more, read our articles on wool being biodegradable and microfibres for more information.

Check out our range of wool blankets, throws and picnic rugs for some inspiration. Good luck present hunting.

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