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Why should I pay more for a high-quality wool picnic blanket

If you like the look of our wool picnic blankets but think that wool blankets tend to be too expensive and find yourself weighing up the pros and cons of buying a cheaper synthetic alternative, let us persuade you to pay a bit more for an Ambunti Warehouse blanket. As a reward, we’ll offer you a 10% discount code when you reach the end. What better way to head into the Christmas season?

 Selection of pure new wool and recycled wool picnic blankets

1. Invest in quality first or risk buying twice

The old saying 'buy cheap, buy twice' is as relevant to wool blankets as it is to any other equipment. I've lost count of the number of times I’ve found myself traipsing back to the DIY shop a couple of days after opting to buy the cheaper own-brand tool, only to find myself having to fork out for the premium, but much better, ‘Bosch’ equivalent.

For us, picnic blankets fall into this category. Either spend a few quid on something that doesn’t even last a season or invest in a high quality wool blanket, with or without the added benefit of a waterproof lining, and you've got yourself a product you can rely on for years, not weeks. 

2. Natural wool picnic blankets look great

Whether you like it or not, most people judge you by your appearance, even before you’ve had a chance to say anything intelligent, or otherwise...Unfortunately, this includes what you wear and the stuff you carry.

Equipped with one of our wool picnic blankets, you'll have one less thing to worry about. The quality wool and finish, together with the range of beautiful and stylish colours ensure you'll be able to embark on whatever adventure you have in mind at ease, knowing your picnic rug won’t let you down.

Wool blankets on a basked

Image: pure new wool Irish herringbone blankets

Unless you’re planning to move significantly up the price range to buy a world-renowned Pendalton blanket, you'll find it hard to find a smarter or better quality product on the market.

What’s more, our picnic rugs are made in the British Isles. Perfect for joining the crowds at Henley Royal RegattaGlyndebourne Festival of OperaHolland Park Opera or any of the other quintessentially British summer picnic extravaganzas. Or equally suited to a day out in the park with your family or someone special.

3. Buy into wool’s renaissance

Thanks to the efforts of many organisations like the Campaign for Wool and growing scrutiny on supply chain integrity and awareness of how our consumer choices impact the environment, wool has experienced a renaissance over the past few years.

Rams Head

Image: Wool is a natural fibre. Join the renaissance...

A natural fibre, wool possesses many qualities that allow it to stand head and shoulders above its synthetic alternatives. Most of the wool in our Ambunti blankets is sourced from Australia or New Zealand, following a tradition of importing wool that goes back to the last century when wool clippers like the Cutty Sark used to race from the seasonal wool markets in the Southern Hemisphere to sell their cargos in London and Europe. Our recycled blankets, which use reconstituted offcuts from the normal weaving process are a slight exception, comprising both recycled wool and a small amount of synthetic fibre. So, please be aware of this when browsing our catalogue.

4. Support local manufacturers and international trade

The wool blankets and picnic rugs in our range have been produced by manufacturers in the British Isles: Wales, Ireland or England. At a time of increasing trade tension and uncertainty, we hope you share our pride in being able to meet the dual objectives of supporting local producers as well as their international trade partners, on whom they rely to source raw materials.

6. You'll get a snazzy carry cradle

All of our picnic blankets come with either a leather or canvas carry cradle, ideal for stowing them away in a cupboard or taking on your next outing. If you don’t want a carry cradle and prefer a traditional fold-up wool picnic blanket, all of the blankets on our site are large enough to be used as picnic blankets.

7. Wool is biodegradable and compostable

Wool is the main raw material in most of our products. To that end, we love the fact that it is biodegradable and compostable and hope you share this enthusiasm. That said, we are the first to concede that wool and our products do not come without their own environmental impact.

They are, however, considerably better than many alternatives out there and worth investing in as wool tends to be more resilient than many other textiles. Our products are designed for long-term use and providing they are treated with respect, should bring you pleasure and comfort for many years, perhaps even a lifetime. 

8. Wool blankets make great gifts

Whether you're looking for a birthday or wedding present for friends or family, wool blankets and picnic rugs are a fantastic, low risk option. Especially for younger folk who tend to prioritise their spending on high ticket items like houses or cars, and probably wouldn't consider spending their hard-earned cash on small luxury items like a blanket. Whatever their circumstances, they’re going to use a wool blanket at some point during the year, whether they realise it yet or not.

Wool Picnic Blanket

9. We’ll give you a 10% discount:)

As a reward for reading through our article, please take advantage of a limited 10% discount offer on your first purchase of an Ambunti Warehouse blanket by using the discount code Berko20 at the check out. We hope you have enjoyed visiting our site and look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

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